Here is an update on the Pro Evolution Soccer, PES 2020 Release Date, Demo, Master League, eFootball and Gameplay.

There is a huge change on the Master League career mode, headlined by a new interactive dialogue system.
PES 2020 Review
PES 2020 eFootball Gameplay
For years now the Pro Evolution Soccer is the has been the main competition to the FIFA Soccer Series. Lionel Messi is the cover star of the PES 2020 Edition.

Features of Pro Evolution Soccer, PES 2020

According to Konami, the following new features are to be expected in the latest edition of the Pro Evolution Soccer series.

  • PES 2020 brings many new tweaks and improvements
  • Upgraded trapping mechanics and techniques.
  • Context-sensitive kick accuracy.
  • More realistic defense
  • The addition of the intentional foul.
  • Adaptive player interaction system.

Release Date

The official release date for Pro Evolution Soccer, PES 2020 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC Steam on the following dates. America and Europe on September 10, 2019, and September 12 on Asia.

Cover Photo

The PES 2020 Standard edition cover star will be Lionel Messi. Players can also get the digital exclusive Legend Edition, featuring Brazilian icon Ronaldinho. Lionel Messi appeared last on the front of the Standard Edition of the game since 2011.

Pro Evolution Soccer, PES 2020 Information

App NamePro Evolution Soccer 2020
Other Names PES, eFootball
Release DateSeptember 10, 2019
Available Platforms PS4, Xbox One, and PC
Demo Release Date Unknown
DeveloperFirst Konami

PES 2020 Demo Release

Konami has confirmed that there will be a free trial version of PES 2020 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam on Tuesday 30 July. Teams that will be featured include Arsenal, Barcelona and Boca Juniors in a line up of 14 licensed teams.

The New Name eFootball

Pro Evolution Soccer, PES has changed to efootball, the question on everyone's mind is why change it? “PES 2020 ushers in a new decade of industry-leading football simulation with a bold promise to revolutionize eFootball and introduce the sport to a global audience,” said Konami.

Introducing the Matchday Mode

Debuting in this year’s game is new mode Matchday,  which “lifts players out of the spectator stands and puts them onto the pitch. Matchday distills the essence of football culture into a competitive format,” According to Konami.

PES 2020 Gameplay and Screenshots

PES 2020 Gameplay

PES 2020 Screenshots

PES 2020 Gameplay Screenshots

Last editions and those before all had their demos released few weeks ahead of the release date. The idea is to allow players to try the game with few teams available.