Civilizations series brought us entertaining and even educational games. Educational in the sense that it teaches management of resources and territories.

You get to manage your own country or kingdom, organise team and conquer in battles. This in all helps one to develop adaptability to situations and problems in life. If you are a fan of Civilizations series, it isn’t a bad thing to try out its alternatives.

Others Games Similar To Civilization

rise of nations

  • Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations is a real-time strategy video game, developed by Big Huge Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios in May 2003. The development was led by veteran game designer Brian Reynolds, of Civilization II and Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.

The game has taken several concepts from turn-based strategy games such as territories and attrition warfare. Rise of Nations features 18 civilizations, playable through eight ages of world history.

  • Total War: Shogun 2

Total War: SHOGUN 2 features enhanced full 3D battles via land and sea, which made a name for the series, as well as the tactical campaign map that many refer to as the heart and soul of Total War.

Featuring a brand new AI system inspired by the scriptures that influenced Japanese warfare, the millennia old Chinese “Art of War”, the Creative Assembly brings the wisdom of Master Sun Tsu to Total War: SHOGUN 2.

  • Heroes Of Might And Magic

The realms of Might and Magic are expanding. New lands have been discovered and you must rise to the challenge of conquering them.

Beware, for many warlords have risen to test your leadership and tactics. You must carefully manage all the resources at your disposal or you will surely be defeated.

Now is the time to recruit your heroes, gather your armies and lead them to victory!

  • Frozen Synapse

Having a post-apocalyptic setting, this alternative game to civilization is beyond you and a boring old PC – it allows you to play multiplayer with others like your friends with its capabilities that allows it to network. In their death match and other multi-player modes, you are required to protect your area and even rescue hostages.

You can use Warcraft or DOTA to get the picture but on a more CIV-like game mechanism.

  • Space Empires V

If you wish to have a feel of the both worlds with exist within the stars and the Galaxy, then you should play this game. It shares similarities with CIV owning to a great story line and strategies employed in the game.

The game has been through many improvements with its 3D graphics after the first four versions of the game. The game has you trading with different civilizations and the world across the Galaxy.