Welcome to the world of the Guardians, Join millions of players across the globe as you build your kingdom, forge alliances, and wage war in this real-time strategy masterpiece.

Use unique troops and heroes to destroy enemy castles and steal their precious crystals. Prefer to go adventuring? Take down epic bosses and strengthen your kingdom's defenses. 
Guardian Kingdoms Apk

Guardian Kingdoms Apk Mod Features

  • Battle players around the world in real-time 3v3 battles. Join an alliance and fight for dominance in 20v20 Alliance Wars. Earn chests to recruit new heroes, strengthen your troops, and upgrade your Kingdom.
  • Destroy enemy castles to earn trophies and upgrade materials. Hunt down bosses to strengthen your heroes and improve your rewards.
  • Level up your army with upgrades in the Forge. Coordinate with friends to create new strategies for battle. Gather over 30 unique heroes to deploy with your troops.
  • Climb the leaderboard to earn stronger heroes and better rewards.

Guardian Kingdoms Apk Download

New Features Of Guardian Kingdoms 

NEW TROOPS JOIN THE FRAY - Crush your enemies with 8 new units

NEW BARRACKS SYSTEM - Slot your favorite troops for each game scenario. Prioritize troops for Attacks, Quests, and even Defenses.

NEW BATTLE LEAGUES - Over 2x new PVP ranks and rewards can be YOURS!

NEW FAQ! Struggling to understand what Reavers actually do? The new Frequently-Asked-Questions feature will share tips and tricks on how to effectively use your troops.