Fellas if you haven't played the latest version of FIFA 19 PPSSPP on your Android device, you are really ditching the fun. The iso game file is now available on our server and gives you full access to the game. FIFA 19 PPSSPP download and installation process is not difficult/ time consuming. This is indeed the update to the 2018 ppsspp version of the game.

This is a PSP game file, therefore to play the game on your Android device, you will need an Emulator.
fifa 19 ppsspp gameplay

What is an Emulator?

An emulator is an application or any thing (hardward or software) that equips a device with the right tools to perform like another device. This time your Android smartphone will behave like a PSP, for this to be possible we'll need an app.

The PPSSPP emulator application, is all we need to play FIFA 19 Iso on your phone. All you need is to download the PSP-PPSSPP emulator and kaboom! you are ready.

Soccer lovers must have noticed how addictive FIFA games are and now the latest update is no exception. It got the features of Pro Evolution Soccer 18 and FIFA 18. The HD graphics and the gameplay will keep you lost in the game. Play with the latest teams and players transferred to their current clubs.

The download links are direct, no pop up ads, redirection, questions etc. just click on the button and start downloading. The FIFA 19 iso file is highly compressed to cut additional space requirements on your android phone. It is 100% compatible with android powered devices.

The PPSSPP app does not call for further settings such as rooting, upgrade etc. But you can adjust the on screen pad to your preferred position. But for low end android users, I suggest you tweak the app settings to work faster on your device.

To enjoy the game sound in FIFA 19 on Android, I recommend the use of headphones. The game player ratings are according to the player real life abilities and skills. Remember, this is a PSP game, try adjusting the buttons to a suitable location, there is no excuse for losing a match. To adjust the controls head to PPSSPP settings >> controls.

What are the Full Features of FIFA 19 Iso for PPSSPP?

Though our discussion above nearly covered all the game features, below are other features in the game. Have a look below;

1. Up to date players transfers including Ronaldo in Juventus.
2. Current players teams and kits.
3. All players that took part in FIFA 2018 world cup are featured.
4. Improved UI.
5. Stadiums and fields are beautifully designed.
6. Player ratings according to their real life performances.
7. UEFA Champions league (English and Spanish League).
8. Improved gameplay and controls.
9. Improved commentary as well as players reactions and celebrations.

Game Requirements

1.  PPSSPP - PSP emulator download now.
2. Zarchiver application.
3. Android version 4.1 and later.
4. Atleast 1 GB Ram.
5. At least 2GB Internal storage.


The download link is hidden behind the share button, to unlock share on Twitter or Google plus by clicking in the share button.

Guidelines to Play FIFA 19 on Android

1. Share on either Twitter or Google Plus via the buttons.
2. Click on the download button.
3. Wait till the download is complete.
4. With the zarchiver app, unzip the .zip file.
5. Locate and extract the Iso file.
6. Open the PPSSPP application.
7. Locate the FIFA 19 game and tap to launch.