Hey guys, glad to announce the latest and trending free browsing cheat on MTN. This time we'll be using a different VPN application. The MTN free browsing cheat will be via Http injector apk. This latest cheat works on SIMs with 0.0k and even if you got airtime it won't be touched.

The data is cabbed unlimited as I have prove, I have been streaming YouTube since today's morning. The configuration settings to MTN unlimited browsing with Http Injector has been provided. The mtn http injector file is available for download.

The MTN Http Injector cheat 2018 Requirements

Configuration Settings to start browsing free

  • Configuration name: Game4android
  • Apn:
  • Apn type: default, supl
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 8080

Http Injector Overview

Http Injector VPN is a professional internet tool to surf the internet securely and privately with the support of the a custom HTTP header support. This VPN app works with the help of a universal  SSH/Proxy/SSL Tunnel/Shadowsocks client which grants you full access to blocked websites.

That's not all, your internet connection is also encrypted so yo surf the internet more secure and private.

How can you import the Ehi Config File to the Apk?

Follow these steps to import import the Ehi Config File and start browsing free on your device.
  1. Open the Http Injector application.
  2. Locate the import/export option at the menu.
  3. Select the Import and locate the mtn http injector ehi file form the download folder. IF YOU DOWNLOADED IT FROM OUR TELEGRAM GROUP CHECK THE TELEGRAM FOLDER.
  4. After you've imported it successfully, the home screen of your Http Injector app should display the config file.
  5. Hit on the START Button Boldly displayed.
  6. Wait for it to connect after a few seconds.
  7. Welcome to the family of free browsing on MTN.
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