A new discovery on our Planet, Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu and lots of other Pokemon. Are these creatures here to help? Don't sit in your closet asking questions, it is time confirm their reason for coming to earth.

Put on your jackets and get ready for expedition, this is our only chance to get the Pokemon all around the world. They say 'there is strength in unity', you'll need to be a part of one of the three available team and fight. This fight is to claim ownership of Gyms and your Pokemon right with you.
Pokémon GO Mod Unlimited

Pokemon are out all alone or probably with someone, who knows? You really need to look for them and ensure their safety. During your search for Pokemon, you'll get notified via vibration each time you are close to a Pokemon. This is where aiming skills are crucial, aim and throw a Poké Ball.

Don't get too over excited and loose focus as it could still get away. Search every corner and hole for Pokemon and this is a clue - some Pokemon make their native environment the best place to appear. So you can also search for them based on their environment - search for the Water-type Pokemon beside lakes and Oceans.

Go to PokeStops which could be found at museums, historical markers, monuments, art installations to get Poke balls and other items.

The higher your level catching, hatching, evolving and others get lot more easier. You become stronger to catch more powerful Pokemon in other to complete your Pokedex. Depending on the distance you cover, you can decide to add Pokemon by hatching eggs.

Features of Pokemon Go apk on Android

1. Works perfectly on Android devices with at least 2GB RAM.
2. Compatible with Android version 4.4 and above.
3. Devices without GPS capabilities or devices that connects to Wi-Fi networks only, there performance can't be guaranteed.
 4. The game performance on tablet is not guaranteed either.
5. The app may not run on some devices with the required specification.
6. Play while connected to a network to get correct location information.
7. Compatibility information may be changed at any time.

Download Pokemon Go Here

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Pokemon Go Mod Features

1. Infinite Pokecoins / coins.
2. Fix lag.
3. Fix loading.
4. Fix stuck or crash.
5. Unlock All Cash Shop.
6. Anti-ban system.
7. Remove License Verification.

Guidelines to Install Pokemon Go on Android

1. Toggle ON 'Unknown Sources' from your device security settings.
2. Download the Pokemon Go apk From the download link or Click Here.
3. Wait for the installation to be complete.
4. Open the application.
5. Enjoy!