Have you played Cut the rope game? If no, you are really missing out of the fun. Cut the Rope 2 game is the part 2 of the amazing Cut the Rope logic puzzle series. Oh yes! And ZeptoLab created this unique arcade game.

One superb feature of Cut the Rope 2 is the Adventures of Om Nom. Om Nom is a green creature that loves candies. This time Om Nom got new friends - the Nommies.
cut the rope experiments

Features of Cut the Rope 2

The Second part of Cut the Rope game is indeed full of new updates. Thinking of mind-bending challenges and obstructions in a game? Cut the rope 2 is your perfect choice as your brains remain fit trying to solve the magic the game brings.

New locations for you to explore, you can now visit amazing, mind blowing and beautiful location. Search for candies in locations such as lush forests, busy cities, junkyards and underground tunnels. Play over 160 new levels in these locations.

Hurray! Om Nom can now be controlled and moved in the game.

Meet the Nommes in Cut the Rope 2. Who are they? The Nommes are Om Nom new buddies and they are there to help through you candy quest. Each Nomme got unique ability.

  • Roto can take Om Nom to the best candy catching location. 
  • Lick can make small bridges using his tongue, so you know who to call when there a river to cross. 
  • Blue has the ability to lift Om Nom to a whole new level. 
  • Toss throws objects in the air. 
  • Snailbrow rolls on wall, ceilings and also push candies around. 
  • Ginger can make objects and obstacle burn making it easy to eliminate distractions.

Cut the Rope 2 is created by Zeptolab - a global gaming and entertainment company.

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