The auto renewal feature adopted by many Networks in Nigeria can be frustrating atimes. Most often, you get a notification on a data plan which has been automatically renewed. Probably, you never intended on using the airtime to purchase data maybe was supposed to be used for calls, text messages, etc. leaving you an option to use the data. Paying for a data plan should be 100% with your consent but since they don't ask before debiting your account, we got to stop it.
This auto renewal feature is not only adopted by 9mobile, other service providers such as MTN, GLO, Airtel NG also use the feature. This auto renewal feature has the main mission of renewing your already subscribed data plan after the validity period.

The BIG QUESTION is how can you opt out from your current data plan to cancel the auto renewal feature on 9mobile?

How to opt out of 9mobile data plan

It is easy and straight forward you don't need to follow many steps or call the customer care lines. This article will cover the answer to the question of how can opt I out of any of the 9mobile data plans ? Let's proceed to the talk of the day!

Before we begin let's review the available data subscription plans available on 9mobile network.

Daily Plan

Just as it sounds, the plans are valid for 1 day and two options are available for you to select from:
  • 10MB for N50: Subscription code *229*3*8# or text MI3 to 229
  • 40MB for N100: Subscription code *229*3*1# or text MI1 to 229

Weekly Plans

The weekly plans runs actively for 7 days and only an option is available
  • 150MB for N200: Subscription code *229*2*10# or text LCD to 229

Monthly Data Plans

The monthly data plan is expires after 30 days of activation and many options are available for you to choose
  • 500MB cost N500: Subscription code *229*2*12# or text LCD2 to 229.
  • 1GB cost N1000: Subscription code *229*2*7#.
  • 2GB cost N1200: Subscription code *229*2*25# or text  AND11 TO 229.
  • 3GB cost N2000: Subscription code *229*2*8# or text AND2 to 229.
  • 4GB cost N3000: Subscription code  *229*2*35#.
  • 5GB cost N4000: Subscription code *229*2*9#
  • 5GB cost N8000: Subscription code  *229*2*5# or text MB6 to 229

Night & Weekend Data Plans

Do you enjoy Night browsing or during the weekend? 9mobile has granted the opportunity to browse all night at minimum cost. The weekend plan is valid between 11:59pm on Friday to Sunday 11:59pm. 1GB cost N500 : Subscription code *5995*2#
Night plan 12a.m to 5a.m every night for a month. 1GB for N200: Subscription code *229*3*11#

Evening plan

This plan has a validity period of 30 days and is active from 7p.m to 7a.m. There are two available options
  • N1000 for 2GB: Subscription code *229*3*12#
  • N2000 for 5GB: Subscriprion code *229*3*13#. You'll get a bonus 100MB to  Whatsapp active 24/7

Code to opt out out of 9mobile data plan

On your 9mobile SIM dial *229*0 or text STOP to 229 and you'll no more experience auto renewal. Ensure you apply these steps before your data runs out.