Ntel SIM is rocking as users are currently enjoying free browsing cheat 2018. Ntel is Nigerian 4G LTE Service provide. Ntel Users have been enjoying this Unlimited Free Browsing since two days ago. The Ntel 4G cheat works fine on both Android and PC, so you can download, stream videos and play games online without the consciousness of data balance. Users have already started flexing Ntel Nigeria Free Browsing since the day it began.

This is the latest free browsing cheat for the month of July. This Free browsing works for all NTEL SIM card whether it is WAFU or not. Everyone is welcomed to tap from the Ntel Free browsing Cheat for July.

How to start Using Ntel 4G Free Browsing Cheat

How to start Using Ntel Free Browsing Cheat
This Unlimited Free browsing on Ntel Networks doesn't need any third party applications, Configuration Settings or Additional file. No tweaking of IMEI, dialing special codes or sending text. All you need is your Ntel SIM card, Mifi/ Modem/ Smartphones which ever you use. Insert the SIM card into the device and start browsing free.

This Ntel free browsing cheat is available to locations where the SIMs are Available, that is Lagos and Abuja. Just walk to your Ntel center to get your SIM.
Heavy internet users have already used over 12GB and the browsing hasn't stopped. Go get your SIM card and start enjoying free browsing on Ntel. This happens once in a while, don't miss out. We in Ibadan will keep hoping Ntel coverage gets to Ibadan. Till then Enjoy!

This cheat could be blocked anytime by Ntel, therefore I suggest you use it on the pressing needs first and later on the lesser ones.